Rules & Regulations

Terms and Conditions. Rules of organization

I. Introduction. General provisions

The Terms and Conditions in the hereby section represent the rules (hereinafter referred to as “Rules of organization“) that apply to the organization and conduct of the first edition of the Romanian Sensual Bachata Festival, which will take place in Bucharest, 2nd District, Lacul Tei Boulevard, no. 1BIS, during February 16-19, 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the “Festival“), organized by MERCATTO DANCE STUDIO S.R.L., a company organized and operating in accordance with the laws of Romania, with headquarters in the Bucharest Municipality, 6th District, Splaiul Independentei street, no. 202 B, room 42, registered with Trade Register under no. J40/2508/2023, sole registration code 47608102 (hereinafter referred to as the ”Organizer”).

The hereby Rules of organization apply to people who purchase a ticket and / or to those who participate at the Festival, from the moment of purchasing / receiving the ticket and for the entire duration of the Festival. In this respect, for situations where the buyer of the ticket is not the same as the Festival participant, as well as in the situation where a ticket is transferred, as described herein, the buyer, respectively the transferor of the ticket, will have the obligation to inform the final participants of the Festival regarding the hereby Rules of organization and the Privacy Policy.

By using the website and buying tickets, as well as by participating at the Festival, you declare that you have read, understood and undertake to comply with the hereby Rules of organization.

The Organizer reserves the right to amend the provisions of these Rules of organization unilaterally, without prior notification, which shall be immediately applicable from their posting on the website. Any revisions and, implicitly, the updated version of the Rules of organization will be found within this web page, with the indication at the bottom of the page of the date on which the most recent update was made. For these reasons, we recommend that you constantly monitor the content of the hereby Rules of organization.

The Organizer reserves the right to amend or interrupt the use of the website in whole or in part, without prior notification in this regard, the Organizer not being responsible for the exercise of this right, respectively without any claim in this regard from any user. Also, the Organizer does not offer guarantees of any kind regarding the continuous access, uninterrupted, safe and error-free operation of the website, its use being able to be interfered with or negatively affected by numerous factors or circumstances beyond the Organizer’s control.

II. Ticket and wristband categories. Purchase procedure and special rules

The Festival participants can choose from several types of tickets (hereinafter referred to as “Passes“), as follows:

  • FULL PASS FESTIVAL – provides full access to the Festival, workshops, parties and Dani J concert
  • FULL PASS PARTY – provides access to all parties and Dani J concert
  • DAY PASS SATURDAY provides access to the Festival, including workshops and party on Saturday
  • DAY PASS SUNDAY provides access to the Festival, including workshops and party on Sunday
  • PARTY + CONCERT PASS FRIDAY provides access to the party and Dani J concert on Friday
  • PARTY PASS SATURDAY – provides access to the party on Saturday
  • PARTY PASS SUNDAY – provides access to the party on Sunday

The Organizer reserves the right to change the price of the Passes, without prior notification in this regard, the new updated prices will be displayed on the main page – “Home” of the website. In the case of Pass prices expressed in EURO, the reference rate was set at 1 EURO = 5 LEI.

Any of the Passes can be validly purchased EXCLUSIVELY online, through this website or in hardcopy (in person), with cash payment at the entrance of the Festival, the Organizer not assuming responsibility for the validity of Passes purchased in any other way.

Regarding the online purchase, this is carried out through the website, using the Netopia online payment system. After making the payment, the buyer of the Pass will be sent an invoice via e-mail, which will contain a unique QR code, details about the type of Pass purchased, as well as the name of the holder, this invoice representing the document on the basis of which the check-in will be done (by scanning the QR code), respectively access will be allowed within the Festival.

Transfer of the Passes

For the situation in which the buyer of the Pass no longer wants / can attend the Festival, there is the possibility of transferring the Pass to another person, with the payment of a transfer fee of LEI 50 (EUR 10) by the latter, as describes below. In this case, the initial buyer of the Pass must send a related request to the Organizer, at the e-mail address, through which to mention the data of the person who will receive the Pass (name, surname, town, country), assuming the correctness of the data and waiving any right to the transferred Pass.

The Organizer will keep track of these requests sent by the initial buyers, respectively their names, as well as those to whom the Pass is transferred.

The access to the Festival of the person to whom the Pass was transferred will be granted in compliance with the following cumulative conditions: (i) presenting the invoice issued to the original buyer, which certifies the type of Pass purchased (in electronic format or hardcopy – physical format), (ii) payment in cash, at the entrance, of the transfer fee of LEI 50 (EUR 10) and (iii) presenting an ID – for the strict verification of the names identity and the identification in the records kept by the Organizer based on the requests sent via e-mail by the original buyers, of the person to whom the Pass was transferred. The original purchaser of the Pass HAS THE OBLIGATION to ensure that the Pass (whether in hardcopy – physical – or electronic format) comes into the possession of the person to whom it is transferred and communicates to him / her the procedure described herein, including the documents that he / she must have on him / her, as well as the need to pay the transfer fee, in cash, upon entering the Festival. Also, the initial purchaser of the Pass must inform the person to whom the Pass is transferred, the need to understand and comply with these Rules of organization, as well as the understanding and acceptance of the Privacy Policy.

Special rules of the Passes:

  • A Pass is nominal, ensuring the access of only one person to the Festival, which is made by presenting the invoice or, as the case may be, the initial invoice and the one regarding the change of the holder’s name, at the entrance of the Festival’s location. Also, all participants an the Festival must have a valid ID on them, in order to check the conformity of the Pass and to validate it.
  • An person cannot purchase Passes for more than one person, each purchase being nominal and individual.
  • The Organizer shall not be liable for the loss or theft of the Passes and has no obligation to refund the amount of money or replace them in case of loss or theft.
  • The money related to the Passes purchased for this Festival are not refunded, the purchase of tickets to shows being exempted from the application of the provision of GEO 34/2014. If the Festival scheduled for year 2024 is postponed or canceled due to circumstances such as those created by the coronavirus pandemic, war or other external events beyond the Organizer’s control – force majeure or fortuitous event – and which make the Festival impossible, the Organizer will not be liable for this fact, but the value of the Passes will be refunded in the related account of the buyer (from which the Pass was initially paid) within a maximum of 14 days from the date of postponement or cancellation of the Festival under the conditions described above.
  • By force majeure or fortuitous event is understood any external event, independent of the will of the parties, such as, but not limited to:  extreme weather conditions – storms, threats or risk of terrorist attack, decisions of public authorities (including those regarding measures to prevent and combat the effects of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic), epidemics, pandemics, accidents, explosions, fires, floods, torrential rains, earthquakes, social conflicts, war, high risk of affecting the health of the population, decisions of the authorities or any other unpredictable and insurmountable cases.

Special rules regarding the Wristbands:

  • Each holder of a valid Pass will receive a wristband (the color of which depends on the type of Pass purchased) and which is non-transferable.
  • Festival participants are required to wear the wristbands for the entire duration of the Festival, on their wrists. The Festival Organizer can inspect the wristbands at the entrance, at the exit and throughout the entire perimeter of the Festival, throughout the entire duration of the Festival.
  • The participants have the obligation to notify the Organizer’s representatives of any wristband defect when receiving it and to request its replacement or the correction of the non-conformity immediately. Failure to fulfill this obligation absolves the Organizer’s liability regarding the condition of the wristband, and the participant forfeits the right to request its replacement.
  • Festival participants are entirely responsible for any damage or loss of the wristband.

Damaged wristbands, which have been resealed or cut, whose closure system has been opened, those with a larger diameter than the wearer’s wrist or which have been tampered with in any way, are NOT valid, and the Organizer reserves the right to retain such wristbands and to deny access to the people in question at the Festival.

The Organizer can replace damaged, broken or lost wristbands only to the extent that the participants in question can prove the purchase of the related Passes – linked to the respective wristbands. Otherwise, for access at the Festival, the participants in question will have to purchase a Pass.

III. The access at the Festival

Access to the Festival will be allowed starting from the date and hours announced by the Organizer, through the designated locations established by the latter. The schedule, including the starting hours of events within the Festival, the sequence of the artists’ performances, as well as well as the participating artists may be unilaterally changed by the Organizer, when there are justified reasons in the opinion of the latter (eg: the availability of the artists and the possibilities of the Organizer’s partners, cancellations or delays on the part of the artists, safety reasons etc.), without this change being likely to cause any kind of damage to any participant. Such changes will be brought to the attention of the participants through this website, on the “Home – Event Schedules” page, which will be updated accordingly.

At the request of the security team, the Organizer’s representatives or other competent bodies or authorities, the participants have the obligation to present their access and IDs. In this respect, the participants have the obligation to have their IDs with them in addition to the Pass.

The participants can enter and exit whenever they want from the perimeter of the Festival, provided they have an intact Festival wristband on their hand.

In order to conduct the Festival in optimal conditions, participants may be subject to body control upon entering the Festival perimeter, in order to ensure the necessary safety conditions for the event. Refusal of body control entails the prohibition of access to the Festival for any participant, under the responsibility of the latter. Moreover, the Organizer reserves the right to restrict the type of objects that can be brought into the Festival area.

Therefore, the entrance at the Festival with the items listed below is forbidden, although the list not being exhaustive, the Organizer having the right to prohibit access to the Festival perimeter to the extent that the item owned by the participant could endanger the safety of other participants:

  • Food;
  • Drinks from outside the venue during parties and/or the concert (water, juices, alcoholic drinks etc.);

*Bar products and services are available in places specially designed for this purpose, and the payment methods for their purchase are those made available by the Organizer and its partners.

  • Drugs – Psychotropic substances and narcotics;

* Drug trafficking or consumption is illegal, strictly prohibited and punishable under applicable laws in force. If a person is found with illegal substances on them, they will be removed from the Festival and their access wristband will be confiscated.

  • Confetti;

*The floor of the location where the Festival takes place is white, and their use leads to the pigmentation of the floor. For failure to comply with this obligation, the participants will be obliged to bear the related damages.

  • Fireworks, sprays etc.;
  • Knives, pocketknives, blunt objects;
  • Guns (whether legally owned or not);
  • Flammable or explosive materials;
  • Animals;
  • Graffiti, Stickers etc.;
  • Advertising materials (stickers, flyers, banners, etc.);
  • Bicycles, rollers, skates, hoverboards etc.

The following items are allowed in the perimeter of the Festival:

  • Meds;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Bags, backpacks;
  • Cameras and video cameras;
  • GoPro cameras;
  • Selfie sticks (small in size and made of light materials);
  • External batteries;
  • Lighters.

If following the checks carried out at the entrance or within the location’s area where the Festival takes place, items that do not comply with the provisions of the Rules of organization will be identified, they will be confiscated and returned upon leaving the location. The participants have the right to return from control and leave their respective items in a space outside the Festival (eg: car, external accommodation space etc.). An exception is made for illegal or unlawfully possessed items, in which case the appropriate authorities will be notified.

Lost items

Lost items must be brought by the people who found them to the access (check-in) area. The owners can retrieve them by presenting a valid ID and, additionally, by identifying the relevant item. The Organizer will keep the recovered items for a period of no more than 10 days from the moment of handing over by the people who found them and will try to return them to the owners, with the exception of perishable or rapidly deteriorating products, in relation to which the abovementioned term can be reduced by the Organizer, without prior notification in this respect.

In the event that the owners of the lost items do not identify themselves and/or they do not show up to pick them up, they will be handed over to the authorities.

IV. Minors access

Minors have access to the Festival if they are accompanied by a parent / holder of parental authority / legal representative who, in turn, holds a valid Pass and who signs and submits a statement of consent to validate the minor’s Pass regarding the minor’s participation in the Festival.

Minors are prohibited from consuming alcoholic drinks and tobacco within the Festival premises.

In any situation, the Organizer will not be held liable for any kind of incident or accident involving minors, the full liability resting with minors and / or parents / person exercising parental authority / legal representative. The Organizer draws the attention of parents / persons exercising parental authority / legal representative to the fact that they have the obligation to supervise the minor and will be held liable for any damage resulting from failure to comply with this obligation.

V. Festival unfolding. Participation and rules of conduct

Participation at the Festival is at one’s own risk, participants declaring that they are physically and mentally competent. During the Festival, workshops and dance parties will take place, which may require an increased level of effort, which is why it is also recommended to carry out specialized medical checks.

Therefore, people with physical (including people with lumbar, locomotor, etc.) or mental conditions, for whom both physical activities, as well as crowded areas, loud noises, special sound, visual and audio effects represent a risk, assume full responsibility for the damages they could suffer or cause by participating at the Festival.

Also, the Organizer draws participants’ attention that the artistic moments of the Festival may also include strong light effects, which could harm children or epileptics.

All participants must respect the social rules, laws and regulations mentioned in these Rules of organization, to respect and not destroy the environment, including spaces, constructions and items in the perimeter of the Festival. The participants are not allowed to carry out any kind of activities that could endanger or affect in any way the safety or rights of other participants, the Organizer not being responsible for any damages (material or physical) caused by non-compliance with the Rules of organization.

During the Festival, the Organizer, partners and / or members of the Organizer, as well as other participants can make audio and image recordings of the Festival. The participants acknowledge that there is a possibility of appearing in such materials and, by virtue of their participation in the Festival, give their express permission in this respect. The Organizer has the right to use these materials, to publish them online or offline, on various channels, and to use them in promotional and presentation campaigns of the Festival, without rewarding the participant in any way, he / she not having the right, within the limits of the legal provisions, to raise claims against the Organizer in relation to the recordings and their publication as provided above.

The participants have the right to film and take photos of the moments during the Festival, but they can use this material exclusively for personal purposes. The participants are allowed to make public the photos and videos from the Festival, only to the extent that they do not affect the image rights of other participants or the rights of the Organizer and are not made for commercial purposes. In this regard, the participants cannot, without the prior consent of the Organizer, sell, use in exchange for a price or use for free for commercial purposes, the image and voice recordings they have made, they cannot identify the participants appearing in the recordings without their consent, or violate the personal rights of other participants.

Also, the participants will bear in mind that for certain activities / shows / concerts the Organizer may restrict or prohibit filming and / or photography, at the request of the artists’ management, in which case it will announce these situations through its own means of communication (website, social media, e-mail, through the event coordinators within the event, etc.).

The Organizer, expressly, is not liable for the violation of the abovementioned rules by the participants.

The participants acknowledge that any commercial or advertising activity is prohibited within the Festival, as well as the promotion of products, services, activities, ideas, cultural or political movements, without the written consent of the Organizer, regardless of the means, whether they are online activities or offline during the Festival.

VI. Safety

Inside the location where the Festival is taking place, the Organizer ensures security and guarding through a qualified and accredited partner in order to provide these services. During the Festival, the participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the security guards, to cooperate with them and to follow their instructions in case of emergency.

In case of violence, endangering the safety and bodily integrity of other people, creating situations of discomfort for them or in case of behavior that is likely to affect the smooth running and atmosphere of the Festival, the security staff will be able to decide the evacuation of the persons in question from the premises where the Festival is held, and they will lose the right to participate at the Festival for its entire duration.

VII. Intellectual properties rights

Everything that is posted on this website, as well as displayed in the Festival location, such as, but not limited to, trade names, images, materials, texts, graphic elements, seals, symbols, logos, addresses e-mail, domain names or URLs, signs used in correspondence, databases etc., regardless of whether they are registered or not, are the property of the Organizer and / or its contractual partners, falling under the scope of intellectual property legislation.

The participants and third parties may not use, copy, modify, distribute, publish or incorporate in other documents or materials such markings / information in any form for the purpose of obtaining income without the prior written and express permission of the Organizer and / or its contractual partners.

The images, logos, texts of the contractual partners of the Organizer belong to them and are reproduced, if the case, on the website or in the location of the Festival, with their consent.

VIII. Final provisions

Chapter names and sub-headings are for reference only and shall not be taken into account in the interpretation or construction of the hereby Rules of organization.

In case of declaring any of the clauses of the hereby Rules of organization null or unenforceable, the rest of the clauses will continue to produce their effects, and the clause declared null or unenforceable will be replaced with a new clause that reflects as closely as possible the will of the Organizer.

Any conflict arising between the Organizer and its clients as a result of the participation at the Festival, the purchasing of Passes or the use of the website will be settled amicably. If this is not possible, the settlement of conflicts is the competence of the Romanian courts at the headquarters of the Organizer in Bucharest.

The applicable law is Romanian law.